How these two West African guys got ripped with no gym, no weights and no protein shakes 5 years ago

How these two West African guys got ripped with no gym, no weights and no protein shakes

Where fitness is concerned it's always good to think outside the box.

You don't just have to stick to standard reps and sets in a gym somewhere to get strong, fit and ripped.


Sekou and Alseny are prime examples of how you can carve an incredible physique with nothing but your own body as a resistance weight.

The West African pair grew up in Guinea training with no gym, no weights and they've never even bothered with protein shakes - and look at the shape they're in.

We can take a lot from their simple approach to training and nutrition that doesn't rely on strict diet plans, regimented gym sessions and standard movements.


Do they lift weights? 'No we don't, just push ups and pull ups," they say. "We do our strength work from the circus, so we do a lot of stuff like bboy (breakdancing) to get natural muscle.

"But for weights, we use people and lift each other for our job."


It's an incredible mixture of callisthenics, gymnastics, tumbling and old school strength with a twist.


They don't even know the meaning of 'rest day' - they train every single day and go hard from 7am to 3pm. They then come back for another session between 5pm and 8 or 9pm.

Sekou and Alseny's diet is pretty simple too. They eat a lot of rice and bread for carbs and fish and chicken for protein sources.There's not a McDonald's for thousands of miles.

"Some people take protein power, but we never take that," they say. "Just fish and chicken. Natural foods only."

It's a refreshing approach to fitness - have fun, eat natural and love what you do.


This Strength Project video when the duo came to California...

Watching them in action is just incredible...