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31st Jul 2015

Gym-goers might be getting sick because of their gym bags…


Go to the gym, they said. It’ll make you fit and healthy, the said.

What they didn’t tell you is that your filthy gym bag could make you horribly, horribly ill.

Research conducted by Initial Washroom Hygiene has revealed that 60% of gym bags are teeming with dangerous bacteria that can lead to bloody diarrhoea, stomach cramps, vomiting, pneumonia and fever.

colin farrell

Leather bags were worse than those made from canvas or nylon, and women’s gym bags were slightly more likely to be swarming with the dangerous coliform bacteria.

Some bags studied by the researchers were riddled with seven times the acceptable amount of coliform. In case you’re wondering, coliforms are bacteria that are always present in the digestive tract and the waste products of animals, including humans.

Poop. We’re talking about your poop.

Dr Peter Barratt, technical manager at Initial Washroom Hygiene, emphasised the importance of gyms providing sufficient hand washing facilities, as well as hand sanitiser.

“It’s also down to individuals to take responsibility for their hand hygiene,” he added.

80% of infections are passed on by our hands, so it’s important to keep your hands clean if you’re coming into frequent contact with a smelly gym bag.