Anthony Joshua recommends these three exercises for power and strength 1 year ago

Anthony Joshua recommends these three exercises for power and strength

Anthony Joshua is an athlete that needs no real introduction

The 28-year-old sits atop the heavyweight boxing world, backed by a phenomenal record of 21 wins to zero losses. Joshua's success owes much to consistency, dedication and hard work - of getting in the ring and simply perfecting his sport.

But it also demands a strong emphasis on extra gym work and all-round conditioning.

"My trainer has brought in some really good methods which have certainly helped my overall speed, power and agility", he says.

AJ spoke to JOE and told us about the three exercises and styles of training he recommends you implement. These pack the biggest punch in terms of strength, power and endurance.


1. Swimming for strength

It's not just for cardio. With swimming, you are effectively working against the 'resistance' of the water - so it gets results in terms of muscle stimulation and cardiovascular fitness. The pros of a dip in the pool outweigh what it does for your heart, as Joshua states.

AJ says:

"Swimming is great, it actually builds muscle and also keeps your muscles very active. It's great for cardio and is not as heavy on the joints and muscles as running."

Try it: 

  • Swim one length (roughly 25 metres) at maximum intensity, 10/10 effort
  • Your next one or two lengths should be recovery swims, 5-6/10 effort
  • Repeat this cycle four or five times

Certain strokes - such as the breaststroke - are particularly effective for building muscle as they enhance your pressing strength.

2. Battle rope beasting

It's a rare sight to see Joshua on the ropes at all, but for strength and conditioning drills the unified heavyweight champion swears by them - battle ropes, that is. These are a great core exercise and burn a huge amount of calories by activating so many muscle fibres.

AJ says:

"Heavy rope training is great - it really helps develop power and strength. They've really helped with my endurance."

Try it: 

  • Pick the heaviest battle rope you can find
  • Perform three sets of 30 second bouts
  • Between each set, add in 20 seconds of burpees

Battle ropes are one of the most underrated exercises around. A study by The College of New Jersey compared their use to the squat, deadlift, push-up and more - and found battle ropes burned more energy and calories than any other exercise.

3. Med ball muscle

Raw power is gained with heavy, compound lifts - but it's also developed with the right movement patterns. Medicine ball slams are a terrific tool for cardio in their own right, but also activate all the muscles used in pressing exercises such as the bench press, shoulder press and tricep dip.

AJ says:

"One great way to develop explosive power is medicine ball training. Lifting the ball above your head then throw it against a wall, or lifting it fully above your head and slamming it to the floor are best."

Try it:

  • Medicine balls vary in weight, usually between one kilogram and 20 kg. Opt for the heaviest you can manage
  • Perform high-intensity slams for 30 seconds. Follow this set with 30 seconds of diamond push-ups or incline push-ups
  • Repeat this for five rounds with minimal rest in between

Joshua's new short-film documentary The Next Move has today been released, in partnership with Lucozade Sport. View the full clip below:

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