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06th Apr 2021

Primark to extend opening hours in all stores when they reopen next week

Danny Jones

Shoppers will get an extra two hours to shop in Primarks around the country

With all non-essential shops to reopen on Monday the 12th of April, businesses are doing whatever they can to make up for lost time and prop up their finances following a difficult 12 months or so.

High-profile, high street retailers, Primark, are likely to be packed from minute one but they’re still doing every they can to max out their potential shoppers.

Primark has stated that they plan to extend their opening times in almost every location across the country by a further two hours. Brace for impact and chaos to ensue.

It is believed that these additional hours will bookend the usual opening times, meaning one earlier and one later to help stem the flow of customers. This could mean certain stores staying open anywhere from 7am to 10pm.

When clothing retailers and other non-essential shops reopened back in June last year, Primark was one of the busiest anywhere in Britain; expecting similarly large crowds, and urging people to be sensible and for those ready to queue to “keep up the support and spirit”.

The company is hoping people will use their shop locator service to find out the details as to which sites will be open and when. There are 189 locations across the UK – the majority in England – so it will be a nationwide coordinated effort.

Some of their shops were open for 24 hours around Christmas and plenty of people were happy to queue from 5am even when normal/reduced opening hours were in place. People go to huge lengths for a bit of ‘Primani’.