Horror as Primark shoppers witness two-week-old baby ‘fall from top of escalator’ 1 month ago

Horror as Primark shoppers witness two-week-old baby ‘fall from top of escalator’

The condition of the baby is not currently known

A newborn baby, believed to be just two weeks old, fell from an escalator in Primark, with witnesses saying they can still hear the baby's screams.


The incident reportedly happened on Monday at a store in Romford, East London, but was only reported by media on Friday. Store bosses have confirmed the news but were unable to give any more information regarding what happened or the baby's condition.

One Romford local asked on Facebook whether anyone knew any additional information.

"A baby fell down from the top of the escalator in Romford Primark yesterday," she wrote on the Barking and Dagenham Community Page. "Does anybody that was there know if the baby was alright or not?"


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"I can't seem to get the poor baby's scream out my mind," she added.

A person who claims to know a staff member from the store said the baby was "only two weeks old."


"I do hope the poor baby is ok. It's difficult to control toddlers sometimes, but a baby? The parents must be devastated," replied another Facebook user.

A third added: "Oh my god how did that happen hope the baby is ok."

Speaking to MyLondon, a Primark spokesperson said: "We are aware of an incident that occurred in our Romford store on Monday. Our colleagues were on hand to provide assistance and support. We hope that the baby and the family are doing well."

No other updates have been provided at the time of writing.


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