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22nd Aug 2023

New Netflix murder doc based on disturbing true story is flying up Top 10

Stephen Porzio

The documentary film is about an infamous Brazilian murder case.

A documentary about shocking real life events in Brazil is rising up the Netflix charts.

Titled A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case, the film covers the investigation into five-year-old Isabella Nardoni’s death in 2008.

The little girl was thrown from the window of the São Paulo apartment where her father and stepmother lived.


Netflix’s synopsis for the documentary reads:

“Between the crime and the conviction there are little known details. While the population, the media and even the authorities demanded a quick and exemplary solution, the forensic team worked to find material that told what happened.

“How did this happen? What evidence attested to the guilt of the Nardoni couple? What made the police rule out any other hypothesis?

“Get to know the story, for the first time, through the eyes of Isabella’s mother, Ana Carolina Oliveira, and her grandparents, in addition to the divergent versions between defence lawyers, journalists and experts about the crime that moved the country.”

On top of this, the movie’s co-director Claudio Manoel said in a statement: “This film reflects on our society, on criminal justice – actually, on our system as a whole – and also on sensationalism.

“That’s on top of retelling a story that should never be forgotten. That little girl would be 21 if she were here with us, studying for a degree and planning out her future.”

According to Netflix, the documentary team behind A Life Too Short reviewed more than 6,000 pages from the trial, recorded 118 hours of interview footage and gathered more than 5,000 archival photographs from the media and the family.

Since the film was released on Netflix on 17 August, it has risen up the streamer’s top 10 movie list – currently holding the number three spot in Ireland.