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04th Jan 2024

Viewers left traumatised after bingeing ‘intense’ ITV psychological thriller series

Charlie Herbert

Psychological thriller series platform 7

It’s been described as ‘superb’ but a ‘hard watch’ at times

January may have reared its ugly head weather-wise but it has treated us to some brilliant television to see us through the post-festive blues.

From Harlan Coben’s Fool Me Once to the fury-inducing Mr Bates vs The Post Office, there’s been plenty for viewers to enjoy at the start of 2024.

A new supernatural psychological thriller series from ITV which was released last month has also had viewers hooked.

Platform 7 is a four-part series based on Louise Doughty’s 2019 novel of the same name, and stars Top Boy’s Jasmine Jobson and The Last Kingdom’s Toby Regbo.

The official ITV premise reads: “A suicide on Platform 7 prompts a woman and a Transport Police officer to investigate the details surrounding her death.”

The series follows school teacher Lisa (Jobson) after she witnesses a suicide event on platform seven of a train station, before she then finds a connection in her memory between her own life and the event she just witnessed.

Lisa teams up with PC Akash, played by Yaamin Chowdhury, to find clues surrounding the suicide, with Akash receiving an unexpected lead and Lisa experiencing a chilling breakthrough.

Viewers also see a crucial flashback to the start of Lisa’s relationship with her boyfriend Matt (Regbo), which provides some important context around her life and how things ended between the pair.

Whilst the series has received some pretty poor reviews from critics (the Guardian and the Evening Standard both gave it two stars out of five), many viewers have shared on social media how gripped they were by the thriller.

One person wrote on X: “Platform 7 on ITV, highly recommend it, great bit of British drama.”

Another said: “I’ve just finished watching a great Drama on ITVX called Platform 7. Thoroughly recommend it.”

A third wrote that that after just one episode the series had them “hooked already”, with someone else saying it was a “superb drama” that was “well acted and moved at a decent pace.”

A a fifth wrote: “F**k me… ‘Platform 7’ on ITV is amazing. Episode 3 is a particularly hard watch, as is the whole series, so I had to binge watch – fantastic series, with the caveat that it’s quite intense.”

Platform 7 is currently available to stream on ITVX.

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