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21st Mar 2015

Video: Magic Leap’s first proper demo looks a bit good

You'll never look at your office in the same way again...

Tony Cuddihy

It seems like Oculus Rift has some serious competition.

There’s been a whole load of secrecy around Magic Leap, the virtual reality company that Google has invested more than $500m in, but they’ve finally released a demo of their product.

The clip shows a normal office environment being taken over by…well…see for yourself here:

This is a “game we’re playing around the office right now,” according to the video’s description, and we dearly hope that we don’t get our hands on a headset or there won’t be any work done around JOE for love nor money.

Magic Leap had been due to give a talk for TED, the conference organisation, this week but pulled out for reasons unknown.

All just a way to build up the mystique, we reckon. Works for us.



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