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13th Feb 2016

VIDEO: According to Ghostbusters II, the world will end on Valentine’s Day 2016

The end is nigh...


Given the amount of hype there was surrounding Back to the Future day a few months back, we’re surprised so little has been made of the significance of Valentine’s Day 2016.

Ghostbusters II was another eighties classic, and in the scene below we see Peter Venkman, played by Bill Murray, hosting a TV show named World Of The Psychic.

Having welcomed two psychics onto the show, Venkman hears two different predictions about the end of the world.

Although the first claims that Armageddon will occur in the first seconds of 1990, the second psychic suggests it will fall on February 14 2016.

We doubt too many will be reading much into this, but on the plus side, if you’ve not got the missus a card and a box of chocolates, you might not be in the dog house for too long.