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17th Nov 2021

Travis Scott sued for $750m over Astroworld tragedy

Danny Jones

Travis Scott to be sued for $750 million

The death toll now sits at 10, with hundreds still injured

Travis Scott is set to be sued for $750 million over the Astroworld tragedy that claimed the lives of 10 people and resulted in hundreds more injuries.

According to Forbes, both Scott (real name Jacques Berman Webster II) and Drake, who performed alongside the rapper at the failed festival, were named as defendants in the lawsuit filed by the Buzbee Law Firm at Texas’ Harris County District Court.

The suit itself represents over 125 concertgoers that allege they suffered mental and physical distress from the event due to the organizers and performers’ “senseless gross negligence”, with “minimal effort” made to keep attendees safe at the festival which saw “out of control” crushing and trampling.

Axel Acosta is being used as a prime example of this negligence, as the 21-year-old victim was crushed in the crowd and after suffering cardiac arrest amidst the chaos, was subsequently trampled to death.

Acosta isn’t even the youngest victim of the mismanaged music fest, with the tenth victim of the tragedy identified as a nine-year-old boy named Ezra Blount.

The victims are said to range from people aged nine to 27, with Scott and Drake being held accountable for visual evidence of “glorified violence and other dangerous behaviours”, as well Live Nation’s organisers and security staff’s failure to manage a safe event.

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