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06th Nov 2015

Tips on how to get your tickets on Stone Roses day


At 9.30am on Friday morning, no work will be done. Everyone will be trying to get Stone Roses tickets. Or moaning about people trying to get Stone Roses tickets.

First things first, here are those important links:



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Now here are 5 invaluable tips on how to secure those precious tickets…

Be honest with your boss – or lie very well

Unless you’ve taken the day off, or pulled the world’s most blatant sickie, chances are you’ll be trying to buy online at work. It is imperative that you’re not disturbed between 9.29 and who knows when.

That means no rotten work getting in the way. So you either need to come clean with your superior – tell them that you need to take a timeout/very early lunch to get your Roses on – or blatantly lie.

Coordinate with your friends and family

It’s all hands to the pump, so it’s important to get everyone pulling in the same direction. You’re unlikely to be going on your own and therefore it’s going to cost someone a fair whack to pay for multiple tickets.

It’s a bit like Saving Private Ryan – leave no man or woman behind. Everyone wants to go, so decide on how many (up to four) you’ll be trying for. And everyone try – they’ll be no shortage of mates who’ll hover up spares.

Tabs, tabs and more tabs – use them early and often

The ticket website servers will go – you know it, I know it – everyone knows it. They’ll be such an almighty clamour for tickets that the system won’t be able to cope. Or you’ll be put in an infernal queue.

Open as many tabs on your browser as possible, using as many reputable ticket retailers as possible – and refresh the sh*t out of them. It’s a pain, but it will all be worth it once those babies are secured.

Don’t doubt yourself at that crucial moment

We know that Christmas is around the corner; we appreciate that you hadn’t planned on your favourite band announcing a tour out of nowhere. But it’s the Stones Roses, man. You can’t miss out.

If you somewhat manage to secure how many tickets you need in your basket, and the dreaded countdown clock appears for you to complete your purchase – don’t have second thoughts. You’ll only regret them on the big night.

Keep a beady eye out for extra dates

The early bird catches the worm – but the canny one is the firs to notice that new dates have been added due to huge demand. If you strike quick, you can go from zero to hero in a heartbeat.

They key is to keep all channels of communication open. And these days, there’s no more up-to-the-minute news/gossip service than Twitter. Keep an eye on that blue bird and the band’s official website.