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09th Nov 2021

There is already a grim conspiracy that the Astroworld deaths were a satanic ritual

Kieran Galpin

Travis Scott

From the numbers to the decor, conspiracy theorists have all the evidence apparently

In just a matter of days, conspiracy theorists have taken the Astroworld tragedy – which resulted in eight deaths – and dubbed it a “satanic ritual”.

American rapper Travis Scott hosted the Astroworld Festival on his home turf of Houston over the weekend, where enormous names like Drake and SZA performed alongside him.

When packed crowds pushed towards the stage, eight people were trampled to death while dozens more were injured. However as is customary, this abhorrent and avoidable tragedy has been warped by a minority to align with their own backwards logic, reports Vice.

Though each conspiracy theorist has their own theories, the general consensus is that the festival was a front to gather souls in payment for Scott’s fame.

As is standard throughout these wild theories, people fixate on a motive and then piece together numbers, iconography and instances that align with what they already deem to be true.

“Some people don’t understand the power of music and frequencies,” Youtuber Phylicia Benn tells the camera.

She continues to say that if you aren’t on the same level spiritually, then she isn’t going to talk to you.

Similarly, QAnon frontman John Sabal has posted numerous times about the festival and is peddling unsubstantiated and pretty dangerous rhetoric on the matter.

“Just more proof that cements this as a ritual SACRIFICE…These people are SO UNBELIEVABLY SICK, AND EVIL,” he wrote.

“They do things like this to mock us, because they think we don’t know any better…Also, they are laughing at our stupidity, and naivety. There is NO such thing as ‘coincidence’. Ever. This Satanic ritual was WELL planned out in advance, and presented to be IN YOUR FACE WICKED.”

A Christian Youtuber said: “What actually happened was this dude is out here putting spells on people; there were satanic rituals around the whole platform. I gotta imagine they have so many witches working for them.”

TikTok is the frontlines for such conversation – and though many are condemning the claims and labelling them as ridiculous – their prevalence on the app continues to grow.

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Some videos have received millions of views and it is apparent these so called ‘theories’ are unfortunately reaching more than a few impressionable individuals.

Shockingly (or perhaps not shockingly depending on who you ask) Christian TikTok has also jumped on the bandwagon.

Though many claim that music has an energy, they take it one step further and say some music is inherently demonic.

While these theories are clearly ridiculous, what we do know is what happened at Astroworld Festival was preventable and saddening – but that shouldn’t mean we reach into the depths of our minds and conjure cautionary tales for clout, especially in the face of very real tragedy.

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