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24th Feb 2016

The new Netflix update will make it a lot easier to binge-watch shows on your phone


Productivity levels are about to take a big hit.

Some people will only watch Netflix on a TV while others will watch it on any device that will support it.

For those in the latter group, it could be about to get a lot more addictive.

According to Business Insider, Netflix will now launch a new version of its iOS app for the iPhone and iPad that will begin auto-playing the next episode of a show that a user is watching as soon as the original episode they were watching is finished, a feature of Netflix that makes it so damn addictive in the first place.


That might not sound like a big deal considering that most Netflix users will already be familiar with that function, but it is an issue when it comes to amount of mobile data customers use when accessing the app when not using wi-fi.

With that in mind, Netflix vice-President of product innovation, Chris Jaffe, said that further updates will be introduced that will allow consumers to monitor their data use and to access a data-saving mode.

Those updates, and more, will also soon be available to Android users too so before long, practically everyone with a suitable device will be able to binge-watch entire series of great Netflix shows on their phones.

Bye-bye productivity.