The Boys viewers warned that ‘Herogasm’ episode isn’t suitable for anyone 1 week ago

The Boys viewers warned that ‘Herogasm’ episode isn’t suitable for anyone

Considering what The Boys is usually like, God knows what's in store this week...

The Boys has issued a warning to fans that the upcoming Herogasm episode of the wildly outrageous superhero series is "not suitable for any audience."


The Prime Video series is based on the graphic comic series of the same name and has become renowned for its explicit and truly jaw-dropping scenes of sex and violence, standing out from the crowd in the era of Marvel.

And all of this week, the show has been both hyping up and warning people about episode six of the latest series.

The episode is entitled 'Herogasm', will be released on Friday June 25, and centres around an infamous storyline that fans of the comics will be all too aware of.


In the comics, Herogasm was an annual event of perversion, drugs and depravity attended by superheroes from across the world. But the public would be told it was a major global catastrophe that required the help of all superheroes, so were none the wiser.

On social media, the series posted a very sneak peek, claiming it is the "only footage legal would approve to show ya ahead of time."

The clip carries a warning card which says the episode contains a "super massive orgy, airborne penetration, dildo-based maiming, extra strength lube, icicle phalluses and ‘cursing."

What a teaser.


Meanwhile, Erin Moriarty, who plays Starlight in the show, posted a warning that the episode is "not suitable for any audience" and contains "things you can't unsee but can't look away from."

And co-star Jack Quaid, a.k.a. Hughie, said viewers are "not prepared for this week's episode," but added that it might be his "favourite episode we've ever done."


The series continues to follow Billy Butcher and the boys as they try and bring down Vought and its corrupt superheroes, in particular the unhinged psycho maniac leader of The Seven, Homelander.

Amongst other major developments in this season have been the return of original Seven leader Soldier Boy and the discovery of new drug 'V24' which grants anyone superhero powers for 24 hours. Safe to say, the likes of Billy and Hughie have been dabbling with this substance.

Show creator Eric Kripe has previously spoken of the pushback he got from production over doing a Herogasm episode, revealing that it took "two years of working closely with Amazon" before they finally let him "have Herogasm."


So there you go, you have been warned. Even by The Boys standards, it sounds like this is going to be a lot...

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