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24th Jul 2022

Thai Man dedicates his life to becoming Vin Diesel after someone said they look similar

Kieran Galpin

He now sticks to a strict high, protein diet

A man in Thailand has dedicated his life to looking like action star Vin Diesel after a person said they looked similar.

Arthit Duangsri, 38, used to be a dancer for a band where he struggled to find out who he truly was; he believed his long hair was holding him back. When tying his hair up, someone compared him to the Fast and the Furious star, so naturally, he shaved his hair off.

He was already a fan of Diesel, which no doubt helped with the sudden life alteration.

While shaving your face and head take mere minutes, replicating Diesel’s famously tight body was another thing entirely. Duangsri, who is now often dubbed the “The Thai Vin Diesel”, spent “years of sweat and tears” building his body to replicate his idol’s.

He sticks to a strict, high, protein diet and now hopes to meet his hero.

Duangsri told Vice that if he and Diesel were to meet, he would instantly hug him and declare, “I love you.” Such a statement should be immediately apparent to Diesel. That is unless he thinks he’s looking in a mirror.

The California-born actor has spoken about his workout routine in the past, and it doesn’t sound easy.

When I was younger, I was trying to gain as much weight as possible,” he told Men’s Health. “Now, I focus on each body part to define it.”

He continued to say that he “shocks the muscle” with two sets of powerlifting and then “higher-rep sets afterwards.” According to the magazine, such tactics help build muscle and torch fat. The higher reps also help to develop strength and conditioning.

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