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30th Apr 2022

Early reactions call Top Gun: Maverick the ‘perfect sequel’ and ‘best film of the year’

Simon Bland


A far cry from the danger zone

If early viewer reactions are anything to go by, then Tom Cruise’s long-delayed Top Gun: Maverick isn’t just good – it’s already being praised as “perfect” and the “best film of the year”.

After experiencing an extended release date delay thanks to covid, Cruise’s follow-up to Tony Scott’s iconic 1986 fly-boy flick following a group of top fighter jet pilots finally got its premiere screening at CinemaCon in Las Vegas this Thursday, April 28.

Directed by Tron: Legacy‘s Joseph Kosinski, 2022’s sequel picks up 30 years after the events of the original film and places Cruise’s Maverick alongside a batch of new recruits led by Whiplash star Miles Teller, plunging them into a new high-flying, tension-ridden ride.

Watch the latest trailer below:

With Cruise introducing the movie via an exclusive video link, the film was then screened for exhibitioners and film journalists – with reactions starting to trickle in online shortly afterwards.

Soon, it became apparent that almost all of them had one thing in common: They all thought the film was pretty great.

Like, really great.

Total Film journalist Jamie Graham followed up this glowing review with the proclamation: “I’d be stunned if there’s a better blockbuster this year”.

Meanwhile, others seemed to echo his positive sentiment.

Drew Taylor, writer for US outlet The Wrap said: “#TopGunMaverick is a profound cinematic experience and easily the best film of the year. What Kosinski, @chrismcquarrie, @eddiehamilton and of course @TomCruise have accomplished is epic and intimate, heart stopping and heartbreaking. However good you think it’ll be, it’s better.”

This praise was added to by film writer and movie-insider Jeff Sneider who tweeted: “TOP GUN: MAVERICK is the perfect blockbuster. Not only did it feature dazzling aerial combat sequences, but I actually cried, it’s that emotional. And call me crazy, but I humbly predict that it WILL land a Best Picture nod next year. It’s not just THAT good, it’s VERY good.”

While these reactions are certainly glowing, fans of Scott’s original 80’s classic will have to wait until the movie’s official UK debut on Friday May 27 to find out if it actually lives up to the hype.

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