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09th Feb 2021

Tracy Beaker returns to TV this week, and new clip shows Justine Littlewood’s return

Wil Jones

2000s kids rejoice, as Tracy Beaker returns to TV this week

The new follow-up series My Mum Tracy Beaker starts this Friday, February 12th, at 5pm on the CBBBC Channel, and a new clip has just been released.

The clip features the return of Tracy’s nemesis Justine Littlewood, still played by Montanna Thompson, now aged 32-years-old.

There appears to be no love lost between the two, with the now-adult Tracy Beaker and Justine facing off in the clip.

“Tracy Beaker. And mini-Beaker,” exclaims Littlewood. “Wow, you look just like your mum.”

Tracy’s daughter Jess recognises her, causing Littlewood to ask “You’ve told her about me?”

Dani Harmer returns as Tracy in the new show, but the story is told from 11-year-old Jess’ perspective.

The official synopsis from the BBC reads:

[Tracy and Jess’s] lives are drastically changed with the arrival of Tracy’s rich new boyfriend, Sean Godfrey (Jordan Duvigneau). He secretly admired Tracy when they were young and when he was simply known as Football.

Now, recently retired and with all the trappings of a successful football star, he tries to whisk them away to a life of palatial mansions and fancy cars – but when everything starts to go classically Tracy Beaker pear-shaped, can Jess save the day?

Dani Harmer has said that “words can’t describe” how excited she is to return to the role.

“I’m just like all the fans, and have been desperate to find out what Tracy has been up to and where her next journey is going to take her,” she told the BBC. It’s been so lovely to work with some familiar faces too. The script is brilliant and I think the audience is going to love where the story goes.”

“Filming during 2020 has been interesting for sure, but it’s been amazing to watch all the talented cast and crew adapt and be very creative with getting the job done. As an industry, we can deal with anything if we put our minds to it. And we’re proving that it can be done!”


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