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19th Jan 2021

The Peaky Blinders movie has been confirmed, and it will conclude the series

Wil Jones

“The world of Peaky Blinders will most definitely live on”

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight has confirmed that a movie version of the show is coming, that will conclude the Shelby saga.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Peaky Blinders was coming to an end with the upcoming sixth season – but the movie will pick up the story.

“Covid changed our plans. But I can say that my plan from the beginning was to end Peaky with a movie,” Knight told Deadline.

That is what is going to happen.”

On Monday, it was announced that the sixth season of the show had started filming – and that it would be the last.

However, Knight promised fans that it was not the end: “While the TV series will be coming to an end, the story will continue in another form.”

His words were echoed by executive producer Caryn Mandabach.

“Series six marks the end of an epic story that has entranced audiences since it first started in 2013,” said Mandabach, “but the world of Peaky Blinders will most definitely live on.”

The official Peaky Blinders Twitter account also shared an image of star Cillian Murphy wearing a facemask, presumably on set for the new season.

There have been rumblings of a Peaky Blinders movie for a while. Steven Knight has previously said he intended to make seven seasons of the show, and then think about the movie – but with the show now concluding with the sixth season, plans seem to have changed.

“When we get to the end of the seven series, we’ll think about [the movie],” Knight told NME in 2019. “There’s still a lot of energy in it and places it can go. We’ve been thinking about spin-offs, and I’m also interested in doing something with the Second World War.”

“The film is of interest, the ballet is of interest, the musical is of interest. I just like doing different things. I don’t want to hit the buffers and stop. I just know that there could be stuff that happens subsequently. It’s got such a following and loyalty now that it would just be great to keep it going.”