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30th Sep 2022

Naked Attraction fans blown away as Kerry Katona lookalike appears on Channel 4 show

April Curtin

Naked attraction contestants have to fluff up manhood

Kerry is that you?

There was a Kerry Katona lookalike on Naked Attraction on Thursday and viewers couldn’t quite get over it.

The Atomic Kitten star’s doppelgänger stole the show – which sees people pick partners based on what they look like with no clothes on – on social media.

Thursday’s episode included a man choosing between six women – eliminating one each round as different parts of their bodies were unveiled from feet to face. And with a few cheeky stops along the way…

Sadly, Katona’s could-be twin didn’t make the cut, after being voted out in the third round, but she did get a fair bit of attention from viewers,

“Anyone else seeing a bit of Kerry Katona in blue? #NakedAttraction,” one tweeted.

“Blue looks like Kerry Katona #NakedAttraction,” another added.

Last month the show’s host, Anna Richardson was stunned when the show made its big return.

Her jaw dropped when she saw the “biggest penis” she’s ever seen as 36-year-old Rara from Herefordshire took the stage in her hunt for Mr Right.

But according to previous reports, looking your best isn’t easy for every bloke on the show.

Apparently, male contestants have to do a little bit of pre-show prep to make themselves look a little more – well – endearing.

The green room apparently gets pretty chilly. So, naturally, some of the contestants do what they can to try and counteract the impact this could have on their appearance downstairs.

Bosses of the show are adamant that the green room is kept at an “optimum” temperature of 21C.

But an insider told the Sun: “The whole point of Naked Attraction is that your body is the thing that attracts a potential partner.

“So the men have had to give themselves a little ‘fluff’ while they’re in the cold room just so they’re as enhanced as they can be without being entirely indecent.

“Though obviously this somewhat desperate measure has raised a few eyebrows among crew when they’ve seen it in action.”

Sometimes it just doesn’t get much weirder than British TV.