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09th Jan 2024

Naked Attraction host forced to intervene after contestant goes too far

Charlie Herbert

Naked Attraction host forced to intervene after contestant goes too far

Even Naked Attraction has its limits

Anna Richardson was forced to intervene during an episode of Naked Attraction once as one of the contestants started to take things a bit too far.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s difficult to take things ‘too far’ on a show that involves six people getting naked on national TV, but it turns out there are some things that are too risqué even for Naked Attraction.

Just in case you somehow aren’t familiar with how the show works, the premise is pretty simple: choose someone to go on a date with based almost entirely off their naked body.

Six contestants stand in coloured booths as their bodies are slowly revealed from the bottom up to another contestant who is looking for a date. Each round they must choose to get rid of one potential partner based on what they see, until they eventually have to get naked themselves when they’ve whittled it down to just two booths.

They then pick a person to go on a date with which very rarely goes well, proving that, perhaps unsurprisingly, this is not a great way to find a long-term partner.

One episode of the show featured sex toy specialist Hayley as she tried to find a man.

Hayley was the one doing the picking during the episode (Channel 4)

She eventually narrowed down her options to two guys, Luke and Maris.

After getting undressed herself, she returned to the studio so the fellas could return the favour and give their opinion on her body.

When asked by Richardson, Maris didn’t shy away, saying: “I’m thinking about how much I’d like to suck nipples.”

Maris didn’t hold back when asked about Hayley’s body (Channel 4)

This prompted some awkward laughter from everyone, and a simple ‘right’ from Richardson, who then asked Maris what he thought of Hayley’s vagina.

True to form, Maris replied: “Yes, I’d like to put your legs on my shoulders, I would like to have a-“

At this point, Richardson decided it was best if we moved on from what Maris had to say, cutting him off to ask Luke about Hayley.

He said she had a “gorgeous” body, with Hayley then jokingly asking him where he’d like her to put her legs.

In the end, it seems like there was just something about Maris that Hayley couldn’t get on board with and she chose Luke to go on the date with.

And this one actually went quite well, with the pair saying after their date that they are texting regularly and plan to meet up again.

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