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29th Oct 2023

Matthew Perry perfectly shut down journalist who called addiction a ‘fantasy’

Callum Boyle

Matthew Perry

‘I didn’t come here to listen to ludicrous things like that’

An old clip of Matthew Perry perfectly shutting down a journalist who claimed that addiction is a “fantasy” has remerged online.

Perry died of an apparent drowning at his home on Saturday October 28.

He was 54 years old.

A call was received by police in Los Angeles, at 4.07pm local time (12.07am UK time).

The incident at the actor’s home in the Pacific Palisades in LA was treated as a ‘water rescue,’ Sky News reports.

There was no apparent foul play and no confirmed cause of death. An investigation is ongoing.

As people around the world pay tribute to the much-loved Perry, a clip of the 54-year-old speaking about addiction has resurfaced.

Perry had always been open about his battle with alcohol and drugs and even said it was the reason why he was unable to watch back episodes of Friends.

During a 2013 interview on BBC News, the actor discussed addiction and “breaking the cycle” with journalist Peter Hitchens.

Hitchens said at the time: “What you two believe in this fantasy of addiction, in which people lose-” before being cut off by Perry, who responded: “Fantasy of addiction?”

The journalist continued: “A complete fantasy, in which people lose all power of themselves and become victims of this terrible, frightening disease.

“This is what you believe, this terrible frightening disease after which they cannot stop taking drugs. If you really believe that, then you would presumably think the best thing would be that they never ever came in contact with those drugs.”

Perry then replied: “I didn’t come here to listen to ludicrous things like that,” and added: “The American medical association diagnosed it a disease in 1976, so you’re saying that’s incorrect?”

“I am a drug addict. I’m a person who if I have a drink, I can’t stop. And so, it would be following your ideology that I’m choosing to do that,” he continued.

Hitchens then said that Perry had made that choice himself, to which the actor brutally responded: “We’re supposed to be grown men here. I start thinking about alcohol, I can’t stop. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

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