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06th Dec 2022

Jeremy Kyle Show guest unrecognisable four years after kicking 20-year-long addiction

Steve Hopkins

‘You are like a different women from the one I seen on TV, loving life well done’

A woman who was a guest on The Jeremy Kyle Show looks unrecognisable and is full of life, four years after she appeared on the  programme desperately seeking help to beat drug addiction.

Michelle Wallace, a former sex worker from Walsall, appeared on the show in 2018, and told how she had battled a heroin addiction for two decades.

Michelle’s daughter had reached out to the show for help.

The former prostitute featured on the episode named: ‘My prostitute sister blames our dad for her 20-year addiction.’

Michelle was stick-thin, had sunken cheeks and her collar bones jutted out when she appeared on the show.

But in a series of TikToks posted this week, Michelle has completely turned her life around, and looks, high – on life.

Taking to social media platform TikTok, Michelle uploaded an image of herself smiling at the camera.


@michellewallace36wow 4 years clean tomorrow♬ she – Jelly Roll

She also uploaded an image of a cake which was piped with icing that read: “4 years congratulations”, to celebrate being sober for four years.

She wrote: “Celebrating my four years clean off out tomorrow for a meeting then a meal.”

One TikTok user replied to her video: “Well done Michelle proud of ya girl here’s to the next 4 yrs”, while another wrote: “You go girl!! Your living life how you want to & that’s a credit to you, be so proud of you as we all are.”

On a later video, of Michelle dancing, one person wrote: “Well done you, you should be so so proud of what you have achieved, live your life to the fullest.”

Another added: “You are like a different women from the one i seen on tv loving life well done.”

Michelle had returned to the show in 2019, a year after her initial appearance, to document her progress, the Mirror noted.

She praised the show for helping her and the show’s psychologist, Graham Stanier, later posted a statement from Wallace about what care she received courtesy of the talk show.

It read: “This time three years ago was when the Jeremy Kyle team came to my flat in Walsall to do a recording of me in my flat. I was so frightened, I didn’t know what to expect. I had hit rock bottom, my flat windows were smashed through, it also looked like a crack den.

“My drug use was so out of control I had given up on life, I just wanted to die. I didn’t want to live anymore, I couldn’t live the life anymore, so I’m so blessed that my beautiful princess emailed the show as she knew her mum was in there somewhere.”

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