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01st Dec 2022

Woman says she’s ‘done with disgusting men’ after her date only buys her one drink

Steve Hopkins

Tasia suggested women should be able to leave reviews for men they date

A woman who who got dressed up and looked “great” for a date, says she’s “done with men” after her suitor only bought her one drink.

Tasia Taderera, who lives between Melbourne and Port Douglas in Australia, explained in a now-viral TikTok how her admirer “interrogated her for two hours” and didn’t even have the common courtesy to keep her appropriately hydrated.

“I don’t want to do this, I am so done with men. They are so disgusting,” she said in the video, that, by Thursday afternoon, had been viewed 1.2 million times.

@tasiataderera0 Dating men in 2022 be like. #fy #fyp #dating #tinder #melbourne ♬ original sound – Tasia Taderera

The post-date rant was caught by Tasia’s friend who later posted it TikTok.

“Look at me, take me for dinner,” she said, adding that she would love to be wined and dined by a potential suitor.

“Like don’t try to get all of this information out of me over one drink that you don’t want to pay for and I am looking this great,” she said.

The pair went on to declare that men should be given reviews at the end of each date – as they might lift their game from the “bare minimum” for praise.

“I don’t have time for them anymore,” she huffed.

Other single women were quick to agree with her. The post attracted over 4,000 comments.

One said: “She’s so stunning and getting treated like this. Men should be embarrassed.” Another added: “I cant imagine going out with someone who looks like her and not trying to take her to Paris.”

A third, whose remark earned 400 likes, wrote: “Girl I feel ya.”

“I have had multiple men show up in muddy work boots while I’ve spent 2 hours getting snatched,” another commenter wrote.

Others joked about “all the broke hurt men in the comments”.

Tasia’s ‘leave a review’ initiative also struck a chord.

“I would love to be able to leave reviews on their profiles. Warn other women not to waste their time!” one woman wrote.

Men, however, weren’t so taken with Tasia’s demands.

“You went with the wrong intentions, get to know him first. Then if you are really worth it he will wine and dine you but not on the first date,” one man wrote.

“She only did the bare minimum to by getting dressed. What expectations do men have? I am starting to understand why  men find you all entitled,” another added.

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