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02nd Dec 2022

Parents told to stop buying selection boxes for kids- here’s why

Kat O'Connor

Is it time to say goodbye to selection boxes?

Selection boxes are a festive essential, but one mum is calling for parents to stop buying them.

She highlighted just how wasteful the Christmas treats are in a recent post on social media.

The mum shared a photo of how much chocolate you actually get compared to all the packaging.

We’re all trying to be more eco-conscious, but will you be bidding farewell to this popular Christmas treat?

She wrote, “Before you buy these, think of the amount of chocolate compared with the amount of plastic!”

“If enough of us vote with our pockets and boycott companies that use ridiculous amounts of plastic packaging like this, we can force change.”

“It takes us – the consumer – to make the first move. Please think and shop savvier,” she advised.

Many mums agreed that they’re not only bad for the environment, but they’re not worth the cost.

One mum said buying from local sweet shops or small businesses is a better idea.

“I never buy my kids selection boxes I always get them a sweetie from a small business last year it was reusable jars filled with their favourite jelly sweets and they now use the jars to save their pennies.”

“So much plastic, I’ve bought chocolate Santas and now a large tube of smarties which is all cardboard and I’m making my own selection boxes for the grandchildren,” another wrote.

However, other parents said buying selection boxes is a tradition they won’t be giving up.

Many parents suggested buying felt advent calendars or even making your own selection boxes at home.

There are so many ways to be eco-friendly this Christmas. We’ll definitely do our very best to cut down on the amount of plastic packaging coming into our household.

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