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01st Apr 2022

Euphoria: Sydney Sweeney’s grandparents say she has ‘best t-ts in Hollywood’ after watching premiere

Charlie Herbert

Euphoria's Sydney Sweeney's grandparents say she has 'best t*ts in Hollywood'

What a title to be given by your grandparents

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has spoken about how her grandparents reacted when she took them to the Season Two premiere of the hit HBO show.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Sweeney explained how she had forgotten about her nude scenes in the show when she invited her grandparents to the screening – but they actually seemed pretty impressed in the end.

“I invited my entire family and I didn’t really think about [the nudity],” Sweeney revealed. “I was like, ‘It’s a Hollywood premiere! You’ve got to come!’ We were all sitting next to each other and giant screen — ginormous screen.”

Her grandparents took it in their stride by the sounds of things, telling her that she has “the best t*ts in Hollywood.”

Sweeney has previously spoken of how comfortable she is appearing nude in Euphoria when it’s appropriate to the story and her character, Cassie Howard.

The series, which has been renewed for a third season, follows high school students as they navigate friendships, love, sex and drugs. Variety reports that it is HBO’s second-most watched show in history, behind Game of Thrones, with 16.3m tuning in on the average per episode in series two.

But Sweeney has said she feels like there is still a “stigma against actresses who get naked on-screen,” and that because of her nudity in the series she feels like her performance gets overlooked.

Sweeney plays Cassie Howard in the hit HBO drama series (Eddy Chen/HBO)

She told the Independent earlier this year: “I’m very proud of my work in Euphoria. I thought it was a great performance. But no one talks about it because I got naked.”

Sweeney added that when a man has nude scenes “he still wins awards and get praise,” but that “the moment a girl does it, it’s completely different.”

The actor pointed out that series creator Sam Levinson, who she describes as “amazing,” never forced her to be naked in a scene, and that she would often have a large say in whether she thought a scene required nudity or not.

“There are moments where Cassie was supposed to be shirtless and I would tell Sam, ‘I don’t really think that’s necessary here.’ He was like, ‘OK, we don’t need it,’ ” she said.

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