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13th Dec 2016

Scarlett Moffatt hits back at critics over lift phobia conspiracy

That should put it all to bed.


‘I’m a Celebrity’ winner Scarlett Moffatt has poured cold water on claims she lied about having a fear of lifts.

The Gogglebox star, who won the reality show after 22 days in the jungle, had been accused of fabricating suggestions she was claustrophobic after internet detectives uncovered photos of her in lifts.

Yes, it’s been a strange year.

Anyway, back to business.

Moffatt is now back home and preparing to move to London, but she felt the need to address those pesky lift rumours in an interview with OK Magazine.

“I never said I’m liftaphobic,” she said, though we’re not sure anyone has ever said the word ‘liftaphobic’.

“I don’t like small spaces where I can’t see an escape, so some lifts are fine. It upsets us a bit as how do you pretend you’re scared of something?”

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