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10th Jul 2024

‘Rawdogging’ flights is actually good for you, expert claims

Harry Warner

It’s the latest trend taking off everywhere

The internet is a never ending baggage carousel of viral trends, life hacks and quite frankly silly ideas and, depending on your point of view, ‘rawdogging’ a flight could fall in to none or all of these categories.

Humankind is always striving to better itself whether that be how fast a person can run a certain distance, how tall they can construct a building or, in this case, just how long they can occupy their mind throughout a transatlantic flight without entertainment.

That’s right, the idea is to sit through the entirety of an often long-haul flight without using any of the inflight entertainment except for the thrill of starring at the slow moving flight map.

Some even take it to the extreme by forgoing food, water or even toilet breaks, in attempt to conquer their own busy minds,

While the name might be a little garish, the idea behind it is rather interesting in itself and now an expert has claimed that in fact it could even be good for you.

This is as claimed by Carlos Diaz, who leads a meditation practice.

He claims that the notion of rawdogging a flight is essentially the same as mediation, being “more present, relaxed, and aware of what’s happening in your body and mind.”

He said: “If this is going to stir something in you where you can fall in love with yourself and your immediate environment, then it’s working. If you’re just doing it to post about it, then you might be touching on some elements but missing the point. It’s about your intention. You can shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ and observe without constant action.”

Diaz even explained that the flight environment is ideal for meditation.

“You are literally above the clouds,” the expert said, “and this should help you shift your perspective on life, reconsider how important the little things down below are, how incredible it is that you are able to fly through the air.” 

Will Schneider, host of a podcast known as Men Talking Mindfulness, is excited by the trend citing its potential benefits.

He said: “Think about it like a candle wick meditation, where you watch the flame burn and burn and that’s all you do.”

Although many have criticised the trend for its shades of toxic masculinity, Schneider can seen the benefits in sharing such a post.

He said: “Social media isn’t going away, but this is one instance where sharing what you’re doing could get someone else to try something new and good as well.”

So, in this rare instance, it turns out social media and its users may have created an annoying trend that might actually not be stupid, so why not give it a go?

Just remember to drink water because a nine-hour flight without hydration is a terrible idea.