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15th Apr 2022

Rapper DaBaby involved in shooting at his home, reports suggest

Charlie Herbert


No arrests have yet been made by police

Police have said that a person was shot outside DaBaby’s homes. with the rapper apparently involved in the incident.

The shooting took place on a football field outside his Troutman property on Wednesday, April 13.

Sources told TMZ that DaBaby – real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk – confronted an intruder and shot him in the leg. He then called 911 and was cooperative with officers when they arrived on the scene.

WSOC-TV has released a 911 call in which the caller can be heard saying: “I shot him in his leg.”

When the dispatcher asks: “OK. And why did you do that?” they reply: “He’s trespassing on my property… I don’t know what he’s here for. What he’s here to take. What he’s here to do. He’s neutralised until you guys get here.”

The caller confirms that he is “right here in front of me”, as screams can be heard in the background.

No arrests have been made yet, and all evidence will be handed over to the District Attorney.

Police have not confirmed whether DaBaby was directly involved in the shooting or not.

But speaking about the property, Troutman Police Chief Josh Watson said: “There’s a significantly tall concrete wall surrounded by, on the other side, a high chain-link fence.

“No, it’s like any other property owner, he’s entitled to his rights to secure their property and make sure nobody comes in.”

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