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19th Jan 2023

Piers Morgan slammed for ‘misogynistic’ Madonna remarks

Steve Hopkins

Piers said Madonna should be ‘put out to pasture’

Piers Morgan has been slammed by critics for labelling Madonna the “most grotesque, train wreck embarrassment in the history of world entertainment”, with the remarks being branded “misogynistic” and “sexist”.

Piers spoke about the Queen of Pop on Wednesday after she announced a 40th anniversary world tour, which includes a stop in London on October 14.

The presenter held nothing back as he unpicked everything he thought was wrong with the Vogue singer on TalkTV.

Madonna broke the news of her tour in a “truth or dare” video featuring A-list stars including Judd Apatow, Jack Black, Lil Wayne, Diplo, Bob the Drag Queen, Kate Berlant, Larry Owens and Meg Stalter, among others.

Ahead of the latest instalment of Morgan Uncensored, the 57-year-old tweeted: “I think Madonna’s become the biggest cringe-making fiasco in world entertainment.”

He then went on to say he would be playing the “greatest hits of her cringe- making moments” in the last few years, including the “picture of her lying under the bed”.

He told Jeremy Kyle in a promo for the episode that Madonna was “too old” to be performing and acting the way she does, then went on during his show to say that when men and women get older they “should grow old with grace” as it was the “right thing to do”.

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Morgan suggested Madonna was a “hot mess” who “should be put out to pasture”, while shaming her for doing “the whole trying to be a sex kitten thing when you’re in your 60s”.

He then brought up a series of X-rated pictures the musician previously shared on social media, including one that showed her lying underneath a bed with her bare backside on display.

Former X Factor judge Louis Walsh told Morgan: “She’s iconic, she’s one of the biggest pop stars ever, you just don’t like her.”

Morgan suggested Madonna should do her shows while sitting in a rocking chair.

On Twitter, one person called for the broadcaster to “apologise for your misogynistic remarks about Madonna tonight calling her a ‘sweaty mess’.

Someone else wrote: “I think this is unnecessarily cruel and I would like to think Madonna is a bigger person than to care for such drivel.”


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