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08th Feb 2016

PIC: This brilliant map of Britain shows where your favourite TV shows are set


If you quizzed us about the location of each American state, we’d probably fail miserably.

While our knowledge of the UK may be slightly better, it would still involve a bit of guesswork.

So let’s not shame this woman for her lack of geographical knowledge, but let’s instead praise the understanding of her husband for creating this map for her (and all of us).

American designer Tim Ritz explained on his website that he and his wife were watching TV one day when she began wondering about the locations.

‘One day, while deep into an episode of Foyle’s War, Kolleen asked me: “Where exactly in England is Hastings anyway?” And so I drew her a map of the UK — on a Post-It note — with a dot on the southeastern coast. And then she asked where Downton Abbey was, and then Pride and Prejudice … and soon it was was just too much for the tiny sketch.’ he writes.

After realising that he may be onto something, Ritz put together the map for real.

It includes favourites such as Doctor Who, Sherlock and Absolutely Fabulous. You can order your own HERE or just check it out below (click to enlarge).

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