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31st Dec 2015

Peter Crouch is the least flashy footballer, says wife Abbey Clancy


Peter Crouch could wear a “bin bag” and be happy, says his wife Abbey Clancy.

The model gave an insight of what life is like living with the Stoke City striker insisting he’s the most laid back man ever.

She said: “He’s not a**ed what car he’s got, and he’s not into watches or clothes. He’s super down to earth. He’d put a bin bag on if I gave him it. He’s just not flash.”

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The couple – who have two daughters Sophia and Liberty – act the same now as they did when they first met.

Clnacy told InStyle magazine: “People automatically think you’re just going out with someone for the money. They think footballers mean big cars and big houses. Pete’s not like that at all. He’s not driven by money.

“We haven’t changed. I don’t think I’ve changed since I’ve been with Pete.”