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02nd Sep 2015

Miley Cyrus on mind-altering drugs: “I loved it and want to do it again”


Miley Cyrus took an illegal blend of hallucinogenic drugs which had her “puking up different animals”.

Despite the vomitous trip, she says she found it “healing”.

The singer revealed she took the ayahuasca vine and a shrub called chacruna which contains hallucinogenic drug dimethyltryptamine (DMT) – and “loved” the way it made her feel and understand who she really is.


She said: “I think ayahuasca is a healing thing. I only did it one time, but I want to do it again. I loved what it did for me.

“We all think we’re good people, but I wanted to know in my heart, in my deepest soul. I wanted to know what outrides what: Am I really the person I think am?

“When I was on my trip, all I could focus on was the animals. I was puking up different animals – dolphins and seals and giraffes. It’s really crazy. This was literally a week before the Met Ball. At Met Ball, I was like, ‘Guys, none of this matters.’ “