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14th Nov 2019

Man vs Food with the World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall

Alex Roberts

Could you succeed at this challenge?

Food challenges have become increasingly popular over the years with humans incapable of growing tired at new attempts to make themselves look stupid and get sick.

Want some KFC chicken? Why not stick two donuts either side and call it a burger? Want a burger? Why not get some deep fried mac and cheese and call them a bun?

Despite being fully aware of our morality and the health benefits that come with avoiding overconsumption of food that is bad for you, we just cannot help ourselves, pushing our minds and bodies closer to the brink with every last greasy bite.

On that cheery note, we sent JOE presenter Alex Roberts to take on the Man vs Food challenge with world’s strongest man Eddie Hall. Enjoy. Eddie’s new show Eddie Eats America airs every Sunday at 6pm on Dave.