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29th Apr 2019

A major Game of Thrones fan theory almost came true at the Battle of Winterfell

Many fans had predicted the return of a major character in this episode, and that was much was true, although not in the way we thought

Reuben Pinder


One of the more popular fan theories ahead of Game of Thrones’ third episode in season eight was the return of Lady Melisandre, with many viewers claiming she had been hiding in plain sight the entire time.

The theory was kind of proven correct as she returned just before the battle commenced, though she had not been disguised as someone else in Winterfell this whole time – she just appeared from the darkness to play a fairly important role in winning the battle.

Bigger spoilers ahead.

One of the least popular characters in the show over the years – mainly due to her role in sacrificing princess Shireen Baratheon – the Red Woman went quite a long way towards redeeming herself in this episode.

Firstly, lighting the swords of every Dothraki soldier to aid them in their fight against the dead was pretty badass of her, even if it made no difference whatsoever. Then, more importantly, she lit the trench separating the living from the dead by uttering some words after the intended method of doing so became impossible. In one of the most tense moments of the show, she managed to do this just in time as a wight burned directly in front of her.

She may have died, as she told Davos she would, but her return played a key role in winning this battle.