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14th Nov 2023

Louis Theroux urges people to watch brother’s new documentary about murder of Playboy bunny

Charlie Herbert

Louis Theroux urges people to watch brother's new documentary about murder of Playboy bunny

Documentary-making runs in the Theroux genes

Louis Theroux has urged fans to watch his brother’s new documentary about the unsolved murder of a Playboy Bunny in the 1970s.

Theroux has become one of the most famous documentary makers in the country over the years, but his older brother Marcel has also produced his fair share of docs as well.

His most recent project is The Playboy Bunny Murder, which focuses on a series of murders which took place in London in the 1970s.

The case involves German-born Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who, at 22, was murdered in her own home. Her case has never been solved and is linked with two similar unsolved killings around the same time.

Marcel Theroux, far left, has released a new documentary about the unsolved murder of a Playboy Bunny in the 1970s (Getty)

ITV’s official synopsis for The Playboy Bunny Murder reads: “The journalist and filmmaker’s long-standing interest in the brutal murders, which shocked the London he grew up in, led him to return to the killings of Eve Stratford, a Playboy Bunny who aspired to be a famous model, Lynda Farrow, a croupier with years of experience working in night-time London, and Lynne Weedon, a schoolgirl whose whole life lay ahead of her.

“This two-part series aims to unravel the mystery through unrivalled and exclusive access to friends, colleagues and relatives of the victims who provide an intimate insight into their lives and personalities as well as archive material from the time.”

Before the first episode of the documentary aired on Monday (November 13), Louis took to X to urge his followers to give it a watch.

He wrote: “I wouldn’t normally promote a film that’s on at exactly the same time as mine on a rival channel but it’s different when it’s been made by my brother @therouvian.

“I haven’t seen it yet and look forward to watching AFTER I rewatch mine at 9pm tomorrow.”

The second part of the doc airs tonight at 9pm on ITV1, at the same time as the latest episode of ‘Louis Theroux Interviews’ drops.

The series sees Louis interview famous faces from across the world of sport, TV, film and music, and got underway last week with the first episode featuring Anthony Joshua.

On tonight’s episode, Louis chats to the Libertine co-frontman Pete Doherty.

The Playboy Bunny Murder airs on ITV1 and ITVX at 9pm on Tuesday, November 13. Meanwhile, Louis Theroux Interviews… Pete Doherty airs at the same time on BBC Two, with previous episodes available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

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