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09th Nov 2023

Louis Theroux savages Piers Morgan after he called him out for fight

Louis Theroux has absolutely savaged Piers Morgan in an exchange on Twitter, now known as X, after he called him out for a fight.

Theroux was interviewing boxing legend Anthony Joshua, when he asked if he believed he could take him, to which Joshua obviously replied yes.

The boxer seemed keen about getting Theroux into the ring.

“I could actually get you a fight and it will do well,” the 34-year-old said.

“Because you will bring viewers to my broadcasting platform,” he added.

The conversation then shifted as to who in particular Theroux should go up against, with someone from behind the camera suggesting none other than Piers Morgan.

“That’s a better match up,” the journalist said. “Number one, he’s very famous and I think I could take him.”

However, once Morgan got wind of Theroux’s comments, he of course had something to say for himself.

“Have you lost your marbles, @louistheroux ? I’d destroy you in 30 seconds, you puny wastrel,” he tweeted.

However, Theroux made sure that he was the one to get the last laugh.

“I don’t think you’ve got the cardio fitness, Piers, TBF. You’d gas out and after that I’d just be playing music on your chin like a boxing Beethoven,” he replied to Morgan’s message.

Fans have been responding to the savage exchange online.

“We’re seeing the makings of an absolute boxing classic here ladies and gents,” one person said.

A second put: “I would pay to watch this!”

While a third wrote: “The fight we never knew we needed!”


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