Lil Nas X shares his pregnancy pics and claps back at haters 11 months ago

Lil Nas X shares his pregnancy pics and claps back at haters

It's not the first time the LGBTQ rapper has staged a provocative stunt and aided queer representation at the same time

Lis Nas X has posed cradling his pregnancy bump in new photos - to promote his "little bundle of joy".


His new album, Montero, will drop on September 17.

Sharing a selection of photos first published by People magazine which reveal the 22-year-old's fake pregnancy bump, Nas wrote on Twitter: "SURPRISE! I can’t believe I’m finally announcing this. My little bundle of joy “MONTERO” is due September 17, 2021."


Nas also put up a video of himself cradling his pretend baby bump and smiling into the camera.


Since posting Nas has received a tonne of hateful messages from trolls and right-wing voices, with some calling him ugly, and others asking how they will explain a male pregnancy to their children.

Nas has been batting away the critics. "N**** said 'how do I explain this to my son' I'm screaming," he responded to one, and after he was called an ugly 'father,', Nas tweeted: "You really on here calling a young mother to be ugly?"


Lil Nas X and other controversies

The rapper has built his career around provocative stunts, which his fans adore, but rile up the right-wing press and conservative audiences.

When his breakthrough track, Old Town Road, hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100, Nas came out publicly as gay, and his message was clear: that country music could be LGBTQ friendly.


“It’s something I was considering never doing, ever," he told BBC Breakfast, speaking about coming out at Glastonbury festival 2019.

"Taking to the grave... But I don’t wanna live my entire life—especially how I got to where I’m at—not doing what I wanna do.”

Since Nas came out he has become pop's loudest figurehead for the LGBTQ community.

Recently, Nas released a delightfully escapist video for the Montero single from the forthcoming album, which featured the singer giving the devil a lap dance.


“You see this is very scary for me, people will be angry, they will say I’m pushing an agenda. But the truth is, I am," Nas, whose real name is Montero Lamar Hill, wrote in a note to his younger self, published around the release.

"The agenda to make people stay the fuck out of other people’s lives and stop dictating who they should be."

Following the Montero video a Fox News commentator had this to say live on air: “What’s most outrageous is the timing of this. It was intentionally dropped on the eve of Holy Week. Try this with any other religious group than Christians during their Holy Week and Nas might find himself sliding down that pole for real."




Nas also kissed a male dancer live on stage at the BET Awards, which shouldn't be provocative in 2021, but let's face it, it is.

Oh, and less provocative and more just downright iconic was his look at the Grammys in 2020. We'll leave this for you to gawp at for a while...

Country music has been reborn with Nas Country music has been reborn with Nas

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