A summary of Kanye West's 2015 in 10 tweets 6 years ago

A summary of Kanye West's 2015 in 10 tweets

It's seldom for Kanye West to have a quiet year.

2015 saw him headline Glastonbury, named in Time's Top 100 influencers, unveil a clothing and trainer collection and father a son, Saint West.


But how has he portrayed all of this on Twitter? He's not as prolific as some of our favourite Twitter accounts but when he presses send, he never fails to raise a smirk.

Let's take a look at this year through the eyes of Yeezus.

1) Kanye has kept things simple when it comes to promoting his (very successful) clothing line. Perhaps that's why he's called a visionary, because he sees 'Color' when we don't.


2) Brief insights into his all-nighter studio sessions.

3) North West's baptism service. (What's Wayne Rooney doing there?)

4) Humbled and sensible, maybe one of his staff had the reins on this one...

5) No year is without a few obligatory 'my wife is better looking than yours' tweets...


6) There's always a couple of artist apologies too...

7) In February he posted this - the inspiration behind the name of his son? Could well be.

8) Finally succumbed to explain that face he pulls

10) And as we approach the end of 2015, the rapper has no room for Christmas cheer - just a p*ss off and leave me alone...


More of the same in 2016 please, Kanye.