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22nd Nov 2015

Star Wars: John Hamm, Emma Stone and Michael Buble star in hilarious ‘auditions’ (Video)

"What's up, Hamm Solo?"


Star Wars: The Force Awakens is possibly the most hotly-anticipated film of all time.

The seventh instalment in the Star Wars franchise is due to be released in UK cinemas in just one month, and expectations are sky high.

Rather than go down the route of hiring star names like they did with Ewan McGregor and Liam Neeson for The Phantom Menace, the new cast are all relatively unknown.

But this hilarious Saturday Night Live skit shows us what could have been, as they run through the ‘auditions’ of a series of familiar faces including John Hamm, Emma Stone and Taran Killam’s spot-on David Beckham impression.