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20th Sep 2021

Jeremy Clarkson ‘worried’ about Kaleb Cooper’s future

Charlie Herbert

Clarkson says he's worried about Kaleb's future

Clarkson compared the government’s treatment of the farming industry to ‘ethnic cleansing.’

Jeremy Clarkson has spoken about his concern for the future of his farming assistant Kaleb Cooper and the industry as a whole.

Clarkson and Cooper starred alongside each other in Amazon Prime series Clarkson’s Farm, which followed the former Top Gear presenter’s attempt to farm 1,000 acres of land in the Cotswolds.

Cooper became a star of the show, being the perfect foil to Clarkson’s ineptitude in the farming world.

But the outspoken presenter and journalist has now revealed that he is concerned for Kaleb’s future as a farmer because of the way the industry is being treated by the government. Clarkson went as far to say that the government’s neglect of farming is like “ethnic cleansing” as it is forcing people like Kaleb off their land.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “Kaleb’s fantastic but it worries me how he’ll ever be able to afford his own farm.

“He’s up against hedge fund managers now who don’t necessarily want to farm it.”

Clarkson said that the level of self-sufficiency in the UK is “right at the bottom of the end of where you want to go,” and that the country is capable of being 80 per cent self-sufficient with its food.

Speaking at a National Farmers Union event earlier this week, he said: “We can’t see the Germans coming across the Channel or the Chinese, but we still maintain a significant air force, army and navy.

“Surely if you’re going to maintain that level of defence to protect us, you would want to protect our food supply.

“It should be as much encouragement as possible from the Government to the farmers to actually get it back up a bit.

“If you’re thinking about the country as a whole and looking after the people in it, you have to look after the farmers who provide the food.”

In the first series of Clarkson’s Farm, he managed to make just £144 worth of profit.

In July, Amazon confirmed that the show would be returning for a second series.

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