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29th Dec 2015

Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne admit they both had a ‘mare at Madonna’s house


Jennifer Lawrence and Eddie Redmayne have found out they have an unusual thing in common.

The stars, who both appeared on Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve special, admitted to both vomiting at Madonna’s house.

Jennifer, who is promoting new film Joy, explained: “I am a puker. When I get stressed and exhausted I just vomit. I was driving with my publicist the other day and had to roll down the window and I puked all down the side of the car.

"Joy" New York Premiere - Inside Arrivals

“It was in front of all the paparazzi – I painted New York! And I threw up at Madonna’s party – on the porch!”

To which British-born Eddie replied: “This is something I have never admitted to the world, but I puked at Madonna’s party too!”

"The Danish Girl" - UK Film Premiere - Red Carpet Arrivals

The Hunger Games actress also admitted she’s not a fan of New Year’s Eve.

“I really hate it. I’ve never had a good one – everyone’s chasing a good time and it’s always a disappointment.

“I plan on doing nothing and then if something lands in my lap… but I always end up drunk and disappointed.”