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24th Jun 2022

JK Rowling caught in humiliating prank by Russians impersonating Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Danny Jones

J. K. Rowling Zelensky prank

Whatever your opinion on her, it is an uncomfortable watch

JK Rowling has become the latest victim of pranksters who called her claiming to be Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in a stunt her team has slammed as “distasteful”.

The Harry Potter author reportedly agreed to the video call over Zoom to discuss the extensive charity work her organisation Lumos has carried out, providing displaced families with support following the Russian invasion.

During the 12-minute call, Rowling appears to believe she is speaking to Zelensky despite not being visible on camera and only providing audio. According to a statement issued by her team to the Hollywood Reporter, “The video, which has been edited, is a distorted representation of the conversation.”

JK Rowling pranked by Russian comedy duo

The prankster goes on to pose a difficult line of questioning, asking Rowling everything from whether she would change the Z-shaped scar in Harry Potter to the Ukrainian trident in support of the country, whether her charity’s funds are going towards buy[ing] lot of weapons and missiles… to destroy Russian troops”, as well as “what gender is Boris Johnson?”

Rowling replied that the PM is “definitely a man”.

As for the other difficultly phrased questions, Rowling insisted that “we’ll look after the kids but I really want Ukraine to have all of the arms it needs”.

She was then invited to speak to a group of three people dubbed ‘The Order of the Ukrainian Phoenix’ who claimed to be wizards and witches “doing spells” in hopes of helping the Ukrainian army.

As pictured above, the individuals are holding wands and waving in a friendly manner. Rowling appears unaware that their t-shirts read ‘Only Putin’ in Russian.

The pranksters said: “We read Harry Potter to the soldiers in the battalion. … Just don’t read them passages about half-breeds [as] they are nationalists and [we] do not like such people”.

The prank was reportedly carried out by Russian comedy duo Vovan and Lexus, who are infamous for pranking high-profile figures, including defence secretary Ben Wallace, and celebrities, including Elton John and Prince Harry. US Vice President Kamala Harris and former President George W Bush have also been pranked.

You can watch the full Zoom prank down below:


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