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04th Mar 2020

Introducing someone to Mrs Brown’s Boys for the first time

Wayne Farry

Find us a more faithful representation of Irish life

Mrs Brown’s Boys is one of the most popular shows of the past 10 years on British television. The sitcom, depicting the gritty day-to-day life of a working class family in inner city Dublin, places its focus on the matriarch of the Brown family, Agnus.

Living with her husband, and adult daughter and son in their terraced house, Mrs Brown has to deal with all of the issues that modern parent must face, from her son struggling to find gainful employment, and her daughter doing all she can to work her way up the educational ladder, in pursuit of a better life.

Also, Mrs Brown is played by a man, named Brendan O’Carroll, and the show features just about every stereotype under the son, as well as some of the most un-laughable physical comedy you’re ever likely to see.

Many of us are at least partly familiar with this show, but what is it like to watch it for the first time?