Idris Elba picked Hackney over Hollywood, hooray! 6 years ago

Idris Elba picked Hackney over Hollywood, hooray!

Idris Elba has Hollywood trying to lure him to LA full-time but he's promised to stay true to his East London roots.

The actor, who is among the most in-demand stars and widely touted as the ideal candidate to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond, is keen to stay in the UK.


Idris said: "I think my heart and my blood are definitely still in East London."

He added to Notion magazine: "I feel like if you spread out my veins, it would be all over East London."



This comes shortly after Idris admitted to being a "workaholic", likening himself to his 'Luther' alter ego Detective John Luther.

The multi-talented entertainer said: "John Luther is a workaholic and I'm a workaholic. I throw everything I've got into whatever I do. Whatever it is. And I think John does the same."