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08th Nov 2022

Holly Willoughby shocked as Gino D’Acampo tells caller to pleasure herself

Steve Hopkins

The celebrity chef cooked up a rather controversial answer

Gino D’Acampo dished out some rather X-rated advice to a caller nervous about their upcoming wedding on This Morning.

They should masturbate, the celebrity chef advised, in scenes that shocked hosts, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby who obviously expected a slightly more tame reply.

On Tuesday’s edition of the ITV programme, Gino was on hand to help answer calls from viewers covering everything from kitchen issues to pre-wedding jitters.

One woman called Gemma called in to say that her big day was coming up in two weeks and she was nervous about exchanging vows with her partner.

“I’m just a little bit nervous, a little bit stressed. I’m just wondering how you would cope with it,” she told the programme.

Gino reassured Gemma, at first, telling her the feelings were to be expected, and then advised her not to listen too much to her mum or her mother-in-law.

“Do what you want to do, stop listening to people around you, and relax. Find something that makes you relax. Anything will do. I’ve got an idea…” the chef continued.

Holly then chipped in with something helpful, suggesting, perhaps a “long walk”.

Gino then took back over: “I was thinking something different, but if you want to go for a long walk, you go for a long walk,” he said. From the expression dawning on Phillip’s face, it looked as though he’d guessed exactly what the chef had cooking.

Leaning in towards Holly and lowering his voice, he asked: “Can you say the word masturbate?”

Holly was somewhat taken aback, saying ,”No, you can’t say that?’

Phillip added: “No, don’t say that.”

Gino then came around to the idea of a stroll, telling Gemma to, ‘Go for a long walk Gemma! Long walk will do the trick.”

One Twitter user commented on the exchange by speculating that Phillip was “already thinking about the Ofcom complaints”.

“Gino just said masturbate on #ThisMorning,’ another surprised viewer said. Just another day on This Morning!”

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