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01st Jun 2018

This is the hardest Pokémon quiz you’ll ever take

Good luck getting more than 15/20...


We’re big fans of Pokémon here at JOE, in case you didn’t know.

Like most of you, we wasted our childhoods running through Kanto and Johto catching imaginary creatures to battle our mates, and over that time we’ve built up a bit of knowledge about how the world of Pokémon works.

We decided to test our readers on the original Blue and Red Gameboy games, but some of you found it too easy. So this time we’ve gone a step further and made this one nearly impossible.

Think you’re really a super nerd when it comes to Pokemon? Well, we hope you’ve been studying, because this quiz is based purely on the information in the Pokedex from the original two games.

Good luck!