Gilbert Gottfried fans horrified as hackers take over his Twitter after his death 2 months ago

Gilbert Gottfried fans horrified as hackers take over his Twitter after his death

The comedian and actor passed away on Tuesday

Comedy fans on social media were horrified to see Gilbert Gottfried's Twitter hacked just hours after his death was announced.


The 67-year-old comedian's passing was announced on the platform via his family, informing his followers that the stand-up and comedy actor - likely best known for voicing the parrot Iago in Disney's animated Aladdin movie - had succumbed to a long illness.


However, it was only hours later that his official account was taken over by hackers and a number of inappropriate posts began spamming people's timelines.

While the posts have since been deleted and the account wiped clean - his profile picture now remains blank - many online grabbed screenshots of the four posts which included promoting an amateur porn star's OnlyFans account and a rap group known as the Suicideboys.


While his bio was changed to "hacked by the @yeatarchive [a since suspended/removed account] on IG", and one tweet posted just read, "I’m dead because of [Instagram handle] on IG. F**k that mf.", a Twitter spokesperson said there is no current suggestion a hack, according to Rolling Stone.

Gottfried is thought to have died from myotonic dystrophy type two - a form of muscular dystrophy - according to publicist and friend, Glenn Schwartz, who called him a "beloved and iconic comedian". He was one of many to have paid their respects to a comedy legend, including fellow comics and funnymen:


One particular clip showing his vintage appearance on the US game show Hollywood Squares is currently circulating on social media, showing


While he may be best known for lending his iconic and instantly recognisable voice to the likes of Iago, as well as roles on SNL, Beverly Hills Cop II, the Problem Child franchise, Family Guy and even Fairly Odd Parents, this is an example of the kind of everyday humour he was so loved for:


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