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14th Jun 2022

Gemma Owen disgusts Love Island fans after telling contestants she would ‘lick a horse’s a**e’

Charlie Herbert

Gemma Owen says she would lick a horse's arse

She claimed a horse’s backside is ‘clean’

In an outstanding example of oversharing in the villa, Gemma Owen decided to tell her fellow islanders on Monday night that she would lick a “horse’s a**se.”

The biggest name on this year’s series of the dating show has been under the spotlight more than most thanks to her famous dad and is at the centre of the drama in the villa.

But on Monday night it wasn’t ex-boyfriends or age gaps that got viewers talking. No, it was her bizarrely claiming she would willingly lick a horse’s derriere.

In what must have been a moment of peak boredom in the villa, Indiyah Polack asked the girls whether they would “lick a pig’s bum hole for two grand?”

Paige immediately responded with the right answer, which was “F**k no, absolutely not.”

But Gemma seemed to want to negotiate for the hypothetical £2,000, saying that whilst a pig’s bottom was a stretch too far, a “horse’s a**e is clean.”

Cue another justifiably horrified reaction from Paige who exclaimed: “It’s huge!”

Paige was all of us after what Gemma said… (ITV)

But Gemma was adamant, adding: “No but they only eat grass really, don’t they?”

Fair to say, viewers were on Paige’s side in this one.

Journalist Chi Chi Izundu tweeted: “Did Gemma just say she’d lick a horse’s a**e hole because it’s clean because they just eat grass? #LoveIsland.”

Another said: “Are we ignoring the fact that Gemma was really tryna convince the girls that a horse’s a**e is clean enough to lick?”

And a third wrote: “The one thing we heard from Gemma this whole episode was that she would lick a horse’s a**s”

Gemma is a professional dressage rider and her father Michael Owen owns a number of race horses, so the 19-year-old has spent most of her life around the animals.

But if this exchange is anything to go by, she may have become a bit too comfortable in the presence of equines.

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