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19th Mar 2024

Alison Steadman says she would ‘absolutely love’ a Gavin & Stacey reunion

Luke Davies

Ruth Jones and Pam Shipman

We all want it.

Alison Steadman who played Gav’s mother on the show has revealed that she would love to record a new series.

When speaking to the Mirror she said: “‘If we did another series or episode, I would absolutely love it. But at the moment, as far as I know, it’s not going to happen.

“‘None of us have been sent scripts, none of us, so until there’s something definite and it’s announced, then I’m not going to go along with anything, it might not happen. It’s all up in the air.”

Steadman has become used to attention when in public but appreciates the support shown by fans.

“They’re really nice and they say lovely things like ‘You’ve entertained me and my family for all these years’ and ‘You’ve given this the best laughs,’ the best is if anyone says that, I’m thrilled to bits with that.”

The words come in response to Ruth Jones’ (Nessa in the show) comments dismissing the idea of a new series when she said: “It’s sadly a rumour… All I can say is, if there was something to say on that front, James and I would happily announce it, we would.”

The actress believes the rumours came as a result of photographs of her and co-star James Corden (Smithy in the show).

She said: ‘Then the next thing is ‘Oh my god they must be writing more Gavin And Stacey’, which is lovely.

“It’s lovely that people are so desperate for it because imagine if it was the opposite and were like ‘Oh, god, you’re not bringing that back again’.”

The series ran for three seasons between 2007 and 2008. The sitcom returned to screen in December 2019 with a Christmas special to the delight of fans.

IMDb awarded the series a rating of 82 per-cent with Rotten Tomato handing out a 97 per-cent rating.

Joanna Page, who plays Stacey in the show, weighed in with her thoughts:

“It’s all gone absolutely mad with those rumours and it’s so sweet and lovely that everybody still loves the show.

“But cross my heart, I honestly don’t know. I’d never ask Ruth [Jones] or James [Corden] if they’re planning on writing any more. That would look a bit sad, wouldn’t it? But would I do the show again?

“I’d absolutely jump at it. It was a fantastic job with a fabulous cast. We had a right laugh from start to finish. My children recently watched the first Christmas special which they loved.”

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