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18th May 2019

Comic book writer ‘predicted’ Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman two years ago

Wil Jones

On Friday, the news spread that it looks like Robert Pattinson is to be cast as the new Batman

And it looks like superstar comic book writer Mark Millar called it over two years ago.

You might not know Mark Millar by name, but you definitely know his work. He created Kick AssKingsman and Wanted, and also wrote the original Marvel Civil War comic book series that the third Captain America film was based on. He has also had notable runs on Ultimate X-Men, Superman Adventures and Wolverine.

Back in February 2017, Millar tweeted that he thought the former Twilight star would make a great Batman in the future.

I know I’ll get trashed for saying this, but I also think Robert Pattinson due a huge comeback. 5 years time he’d be a great Bruce Wayne.

Fast-forward to May 2019, and it looks like Millar’s prediction is happening.

On Friday, Millar shared the old tweet, suggesting that he might have psychic powers.

Just to remind you I’m totally psychic…

On Friday, it was all but confirmed that Robert Pattinson would be our new cinematic Batman.

While Pattinson made his name with the Twilight saga, he has since become an actor who always picks fascinating projects – if you still think he is just a sparkly vampire, check out CosmopolisThe Lost City of ZThe Rover, High Life and the incredible Good Time right now. Even the most petulant nerd will be convinced the cowl is in good hands.

Robert Pattinson takes over from Ben Affleck, whose time as Batman was rather rocky, with Batman Vs Superman and Justice League not being particularly well received.